5 Reasons Why In-Home Care is sometimes more appropriate than Assisted Living Centers

Every day across America, senior adults find themselves struggling to meet their basic needs while living alone in their own home. Illness, injury or the aging process itself can make living alone full time a dangerous situation. It most often falls to family members to make the difficult decision to place their elderly loved one in an assisted living facility or arrange for in-home care. There are several important reasons that in-home care may be the very best decision for your elderly loved one.

1. Less Stressful Solution

Being removed from the home can be a highly stressful situation for an elderly person, and that’s not conducive to feelings of well-being. He or she may experience high anxiety levels and even fall into a depression from being separated from all that is familiar and loved. Choosing an in-home care option will allow your loved one to stay right in their own home where they have always been comfortable while still receiving the extra care that they require.

2. Care During the Day

You may choose how often and how long that the caregiver visits your elderly loved one each day. They are available as needed to prepare meals, provide companionship, make sure medicine is taken properly and on-time, assist with bathing and dressing, do the shopping, provide transportation to appointments, light housekeeping and assist with exercise.

3. Nightly Care

In many cases, a family member stays with their elderly loved one as much as possible. In these cases, a caregiver is often called on to stay overnight. This way, other family members can enjoy a night of rest knowing their loved one is being cared for. The caregiver may also make sure night medicine is taken correctly, assist with visits to the restroom to ensure there are no falls, provide late-night snacks and offer company when sleep evades their client.

4. 24-Hour Care Available

If you feel your elderly loved one should not be left alone at all, you can still enjoy the services of in-home care. Caregivers may be provided around-the-clock. You may choose a caregiver who will stay awake and alert all night or one to sleep over and wake up to help the client whenever needed.

5. Living Life to the Fullest

Every senior adult deserves to live out their life in the fullest and happiest way possible. The ability to remain in their own home provides them with the luxuries they are accustomed to such as a home full of pictures, visiting family and friends, their favorite television stations, their own yard and their most comfortable easy chair.

In-home care offers all of these services that are provided by highly-trained and caring professionals. You will be able to select any combination of care that you feel your loved one may need, and services can be changed as needed. Don’t hesitate to call your local in-home care professionals today, and have the peace of mind in knowing that your elderly relative is safe at home and in good hands.